Strengthening your family through music.

Sibling and family music therapy sessions focus on working together as a unit through music. We help uncover the most optimal learning environment for your child, and strive to communicate openly and consistently.

  • Increase communication and social skills

  • Express oneself with and without words

  • Improve social experiences
  • Nurture relationship between family members in an intimate setting

  • Promote self-confidence

Note-able Music Therapy Services offer clinic-based, in-home, or facility-based music therapy services for families located in and near the South Metro.

Our sessions range from 45 to 60 minutes and can meet weekly or bi-weekly depending on the recommended treatment.

Music therapy sessions are positively reinforced and include a successfully oriented approach to help families with unique needs to achieve daily living skills.

“I have observed many changes since my children began music therapy. Even though not all of them wanted to attend initially, it is now a highlight of their week. As a group: the children can successfully play together for longer periods; there is more teamwork and ideas offered by the younger children with ASD (previously all play was direct, facilitated by my typical 14 year old). The eldest seems to feel less pressure to do “everything” and encourages the younger children to make decisions on their own. The middle child has a decreased sound sensitivity; he has quit wearing earmuffs/headphones during worship music at church and even sings around the house. The youngest has also showed a decrease in sound sensitivity. She is more confident in her ability to make a choice/decision and an increased ability to follow directions and remain on-task.”

Parent of a Note-able Family Music Therapy client

Let's get started...



Get in touch with us to set up an initial consultation. You will learn more about how music therapy can help you and your family, and what the next steps will be.



Next, we schedule a thorough music therapy assessment and prepare a treatment plan. We provide recommendations for your family based on the assessment process.



Next, we execute the treatment plan with weekly or bi-weekly music therapy sessions. We follow up with progress notes and frequent communication between therapist and families.

We love our music time with Ms. Ericha! It’s such a fun way to have therapy. I have two boys, one has Autism. I really love the sibling music group because my oldest can still get his therapy and my youngest doesn’t have to feel left out. Ericha does a great job of making my youngest feel special and included while working on skills with both of them.”

Family of Note-able Music Therapy Clients


Let’s learn, grow, and play through music therapy!