Helping your child achieve developmental milestones through music.

Individual music therapy sessions use music to help a person work towards individual developmental goals and improve or maintain their daily living skills.

  • Increase social and communication skills
  • Express oneself without words
  • Promote self-confidence
  • Strengthen fine and gross motor skills
  • Improve social experiences

Note-able Music Therapy Services offer clinic-based, in-home, or facility-based music therapy services for families located in and near the South Metro.

Our sessions range from 45 to 60 minutes and can meet weekly or bi-weekly depending on the recommended treatment.

Music therapy sessions are positively reinforced and include a successfully oriented approach to help individuals with unique needs to achieve daily living skills.

We definitely believe the term of music as a universal language. We experienced that music therapy helped our son to improve his motor skills, and it reduced his aggression. Music therapy can also help our son be more active. We will recommend parents whose their children have a special need should have a music therapy session. We also discovered that our son likes to play a harmonica as his new music instrument.”

Parents of a Note-able Music Therapy client

Let's get started...



Get in touch with us to set up an initial consultation. You will learn more about how music therapy can help your child, and what the next steps will be.



Next, we schedule a thorough music therapy assessment and prepare a treatment plan. We provide recommendations based on the assessment process.



Next, we execute the treatment plan with weekly or bi-weekly music therapy sessions. We follow up with progress notes and frequent communication between therapist and families.

Music therapy has been very effective for my son. He loves it so much. If he could he would have it every day. It has been effective in the home environment as well…Music is very soothing for our son. He loves to sing and recently he’s been using beats and starting to get to know you don’t have to do everything fast and loud. Manners, waiting, listening, and self-awareness — he has been starting to master them all. Thank you Ms. Ericha you’re an awesome Music Therapist!

Family of a Note-able Music Therapy Client


Let’s learn, grow, and play through music therapy!