Gather, grow, and cooperate through music.

Noteable Music Therapy Services offers a series of developmentally appropriate music therapy groups that provide opportunities for social skill building for children ages 6 months to 18 years old.  Each group is customized to a specific age range and with small therapist-client ratios to elevate progress.

Benefits of group music therapy include:

  • Improve social skill building

  • Promote turn taking and cooperation

  • Increase communication

  • Expand self-awareness and confidence

  • Nurture self expression

Note-able Music Therapy Services offer community and contract services, small group music therapy, and summer social skills music therapy groups for those located in and near the South Metro. Having music therapy at a facility, school, daycare, or preschool setting will set up your child up with success and with less household distractions.

Music therapy sessions are positively reinforced and include a successfully oriented approach to help individuals with unique needs to achieve daily living skills.

Two young children playing rhythm instruments in their classroom.
Group Music Therapy Services | Note-able Music Therapy - Minneapolis

Community/Contract Services

Community/Contract services are provided for in-home daycares, preschool centers, and special education rooms within a public school setting. Each contact can be adjusted to fit the needs of the facility with summer only, academic year only, and a year round curriculum.

These 30-45 minute music therapy sessions are divided into eight essential parts: sensory time, hello song, instrument games, dancing and movement, language skills, social communication games, relaxation time, and goodbye song. These sessions meet weekly or bi-weekly and are billed on a monthly basis.

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Small Group Music Therapy

Small group music therapy is ideal during the traditional school months for friends to get together and practice additional social skills through music therapy.

During these sessions an array of customized music activities are used to provide guidance, structure, and assistance for the individuals to work on the following skills: turn taking both verbally and physically, self-expression, self-awareness, confidence, sharing, and having fun with a peer. These 45-60 minute sessions can meet weekly or bi-weekly at the music therapy facility.

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A picture of the hands of two young children playing djembe drums.
A picture of two hands pressing the keys of a piano together.

Summer Social Skills Music Therapy Group

Noteable Music Therapy Services offers a summer social skills music therapy group that is a one of a kind social experience for school-agers ranging in age from 8-14 years old. This group consists of up to 8 members and is enhanced with practicing a variety of age appropriate social skills through a multitude of evidence based music therapy activities.

Utilizing the group members favorite songs, instruments, and games the individual will be provided with maximal opportunity to learn, practice and master complex language and subtle social cues! Session frequency is twice per week for an 1 hour to an 1 and a half for a maximum of 18 sessions.

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Let’s learn, grow, and play through music therapy!