Grow, develop, and achieve milestones through music.

Adaptive music lessons are created to help individuals with special strengths to learn to play a piano, guitar, or preferred instrument.

Playing an instrument can be a motivational modality that can:

  • Promote self-confidence

  • Be used to express oneself without the use of words
  • Strengthen a variety of motor skills

Note-able Music Therapy Services offer adaptive music lessons for those located in and near the South Metro. Lessons can also take place remotely or via telehealth.

Adaptive music lessons focus on the strengths of each student and can include many adaptations to lessons delivery. Some adaptations may include the use of visuals/pictures to help the individual understand the structure of the lesson, playing by color in order to help the individual learn how to read music, learning to play songs of interest, and using improvisation to help the individual feel comfortable exploring a variety of sounds. 

A young person playing a chord on an acoustic guitar with a smile on his face.
Picture of a young person participating in an online piano lesson.

“Through music therapy our nephew has found his voice and developed a skill he CAN share with family and friends…Our nephew has learned how to read music which provided another method of participating with classroom learning and community events.

Parents of a Note-able Music Therapy adaptive music lesson student


Let’s learn, grow, and play through music therapy!