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Note-Able Music Therapy Services are a client centered in-home music therapy option for families located in and near the South Metro. All session types require an initial assessment followed by a written treatment plan. Music therapy sessions are a non-invasive, positively reinforced, and successfully orientated approach to help individuals with unique needs to achieve daily living skills. Please contact us for additional information about our session rates. All of our session durations are 45 or 60-minutes.

Individual Music Therapy Sessions

(Ages 6 months – 23 years old)

Individual music therapy sessions use music to help your child work towards individual developmental goals and improve or maintain their daily live skills.  Some of the many skills that can be addressed include: academic, social, emotional, communication, and physical. During your child’s individual music therapy session, working on these goals may look like taking turns with small percussive instruments, expressing feelings through music, imitating gross or large motor movements, singing, playing communication games, and many more!

Adaptive Music Lessons

(Ages 5 years old – 23 years old)

Adapted music lessons are created to help individuals with special strengths to learn to play a piano, guitar, or preferred instrument.  Playing an instrument can be a motivational modality that can naturally promote self-confidence; be used to express oneself without the use of words; and strengthen fine and gross motor skills.  Some adaptations may include: the use of visuals/pictures to help the child understand the structure of the lesson, playing by color in order to help the child learn how to read music, learning to play songs of interest, and using improvisation to help the child feel comfortable exploring a variety of sounds.

Sibling Session

(Ages 2 years old – 23 years old)

Sibling music therapy sessions are created to increase social skills among siblings in an intimate setting.  Each session includes answering and asking questions, sharing and taking turns, working on cooperation, communicating likes and dislikes, and expressing feelings.

Family Session

A family music therapy session is an expansion of our sibling music therapy session where it is created to increase social and communication skills among every participating family member.  Each session will include answering and asking questions, sharing and taking turns, working on cooperation, communicating likes and dislikes, and expressing all kinds of emotions.

Group Music Therapy

Group music therapy is a series of developmentally appropriate music therapy groups that can be a great social experience for children ages 6 months to around 18 years old.  Each group is customized to specific age ranges and small therapist-client ratios to make the most of the experience.  Each group session is divided into eight essential parts: sensory time, hello song, instrument games, dancing and movement, language skills, social communication games, relaxation time, and goodbye song.  For other additional group sessions, Ericha Rupp is also contracted through Growing With Music.  Which is a wonderful year-round curriculum based music group opportunity for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  If you would like additional information about this curriculum please contact her directly or visit growingwithmusic.com!

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