Ever wonder what happens to snow when the sun comes out?  It MELTS!!!  Below is a fun finger song play activity that can help reinforce the process of melting.

5 Little Snowman (To the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider)

Five little snowman made of snow, (hold up five fingers on one hand and wave it side to side)
Each with two eyes and a carrot nose, (point to eyes and then to your nose)
Out came the sun and shown all day, (raise hands above your head to create a big sun)
One of my snowman then melted away! (slowly bring your hands down while wiggling your fingers to create an illusion of melting and pat the ground)

How many snowman are left? (hands out to your sides, palms up, to represent a question)


Then repeat the song replacing “five” with “four” with the actions.  Repeat the entire song enough times until all the snowman have melted.

*Side GIG: For your visual friends google search snowman and print off as many snowman as you want and flip them over, face down, as they melt away.  Or you can purchase stuffed animal snowman or make your own!*