“Let’s Go Fishing” is a song based music intervention that incorporates a fun way to learn about and practice fishing, colors, shapes, letters, numbers, patterns, turn-taking, and social skills.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Colors (to color your fish with)
  • Fish (we used this design because they can be easily modify to include designs, shapes, etc.)
  • Paper clips (medium or small)
  • Fishing pole (we used this one, however you could make one yourself by using a stick, hot glue, yarn and a magnet)

Once you have colored your fish with a pattern of your choosing place one paperclip at the nose of each fish.

Spread them out all over the floor, in a empty bathtub, a medium/large tote, small plastic swimming pool or anything round that can resemble a fishing pond (turn on those creative  minds).

Grab the fishing poles and begin to chant or sing this song.

Let’s go fishing,
fishing in the sea
and what kind of fish
will (insert name) catch for me?

Hmm.. (insert name) catch the (insert color/pattern/number/letter) fish?

*wait for that mentioned friend to find suggested fish and catch it.  Once they have caught it CHEER!*
(Repeat above verse until all the fish have been caught)

Depending on how many fish you create you could also make this into a game where whomever has the most fish by the end WINS!

Happy Fishing!!!