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Here at Note-Able Music Therapy services music is the medicine of the mind. Research has proven time and time again that music can stimulate many areas of the brain.

During your music therapy session you will see this type of stimulation first hand as Ericha Rupp uses client preferred music to create an optimal learning environment for your child.  Goals and objectives for your child will be based on their strengths and difficulties.  Meaning they may challenge your child enough to activate the re-wiring process in the brain to develop a new skill or modify a current mastered skill.

why choose us

Music used to Express

We are so happy to help your child develop through hands-on learning and fun experiences.

Search for Themselves

We are supplied with a variety of musical equipment to ensure your children’s growth and allow them to explore.


This is an excellent way to meet one-on-one with Ericha Rupp to create an individualized approach to specific needs for your classroom, clinic, group setting, and one-on-one.  Learn how to incorporate fun and innovative music techniques into your setting to help promote growing for every type of learner!


Ericha Rupp has a passion to educate and create learning opportunities for everyone.  Her workshops are ideal for educators, licensed daycare providers both in-home, traditional, Montessori’s, mental health practitioners, health clinics, community support groups, and parent support groups. She has experience providing one hour, three hour (half day), and six hour (full day) workshops to fit your needs.

Source and Printable: here.

Play As You Learn

Singing and Instruments

Helping your child through milestones through hands-on learning and personalized experiences using song play and a variety of percussive instruments!

With Love and Care

From client centered to family centered. With open and consistent communication we will work as a team to help master the most optimal learning environment for your child!

Smiles of Pride

The best part about Music Therapy is watching your child grow and develop, some being able to accomplish milestones they were told they never could.

Family Support

Family is the center of all the client’s treatment plans and with Note-Able Music Therapy you will receive customized home-strategies that can be used to support your child’s and family’s needs!